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USA’s Jeep Wrangler vs India’s Mahindra Thar

Thar-Left, Wrangler-Right

Mahindra faced a lot of difficulties when it launched Thar’s 2nd generation. The difficulties came from Jeep, which objected to New Thar’s design because it looked similar to Jeep Wrangler. Previously, Mahindra Roxor was launched in USA and Jeep filed a lawsuit because the looks were similar to Jeep’s old Wrangler. You should know that Mahindra’s MM540 shares the same design as Willy’s Jeep CJ5. Since then, both companies are retaining the signature design separately as both companies have the design rights with them, Although when it came to update the design, Jeep Started objecting to Mahindra’s Updates.

Thar received 4 stars in NCAP ratings while Jeep Wrangler got just one!

NCAP ratings

The shocking part is that Thar is 5 times cheaper than Wrangler!

Thar and Wrangler has almost the same DNA
Jeep CJ-5
Jeep CJ-5 shares the same design with Mahindra’s MM540
Mahindra MM540
Mahindra MM540
Mahindra Roxor
Mahindra Roxor’s model that got objected to by Jeep
Roxor Design Update

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