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The 7 Ugly car modifications from India

In this blog, we will see 7 ugly car modifications from India. India is a country known for its creativity and ingenuity, and this is especially evident in the field of car modification. Indian car enthusiasts are not afraid to experiment, and they have come up with some truly wacky and over-the-top car mods that will blow your mind.

Here are 7 of the wackiest car modifications from India:

1. Suzuki Swift turned into wannabe Lamborghini

Ugly car modifications

A motor Mechanic from Assam, India modified a Maruti Suzuki Swift into a Lamborghini-looking supercar and Gifted it to the Chief Minister of Assam. The headlamps of this car were borrowed from i20. The hard work on this car is commendable although the car still looks ugly. While Scissor doors are appreciable but the grille and the bumper design could have been more in tune with a sports car.

2. HM Ambassador’s attempt to look modern

Modified cars

Ambassador is a legendary car in India that came into existence in 1952. The look of the ambassador remained intact without any major modifications. It was discontinued in 2014. The headlamps are borrowed from Swift.

Here is the original ambassador:

Ugly car modifications

3. Suzuki Swift Dzire with a Tata Safari’s bonnet: Epitome of Ugly car modifications

Ugly car modifications

The Swift’s front end has undergone a refresh, resulting in a more SUV-like appearance. The headlamps have been borrowed from the Safari Storme model. The bonnet has been elongated, giving the car a lengthier and more squared-off profile. Moving to the rear, the traditional boot design has been replaced with a fastback style, reminiscent of the Ecosport, and accommodating a spare wheel.

4. Maruti Zen Modified into Bugatti Veyron. Maruti Zeyron?

Ugly car modifications

That’s some sheet metal work done on an Old Maruti Suzuki Zen. The Maruti Suzuki Zen, anyway is a good-looking classic car and is loved by Indians. There was no point in making it look ugly. The Owner’s creative spirit is appreciated but the designer community might run behind the guy who modified this car to teach him design lessons.

5. Hyundai Sonata first generation

Hyundai Sonata first generation had it’s headlamps resembling to Mercedes. This guy has put a BMW grille on it and have made a custom bumper. It is, no doubt one of the most ugly car modifications ever done.

6. Bolero wanting to be Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

This Mahindar bolero has been converted into a jeep rubicon in an utmost ugly way. THe fenders are protruding out of the wheel arches and this is something beyond comprehension of any sane modification enthusiast.

7. Alto being Wannabe Lamborghini

As you see,This duplicate Lamborghini is basically a Maruti Suzuki Alto and it does qualifies for one of the most ugly car modifications.
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