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Job Openings in Canada: Automotive Sector

In Canada, the automotive industry stands as a significant source of employment, engaging a workforce exceeding 1 million individuals. Furthermore, this sector commands a prominent role in bolstering the Canadian economy, yielding an impressive annual revenue exceeding $100 billion.

The dynamic nature of the automotive domain ensures a perpetual state of transformation, resulting in a continuous array of employment opportunities for proficient professionals. Among the roles experiencing heightened demand within the automotive sector, several noteworthy positions include:

Automotive Engineer

Automotive engineers design, develop, and test vehicles. They work on a variety of aspects of vehicles, including the chassis, engine, and electrical systems.

Job Openings in Canada- automobile engineering

Opening at Pleco Migration Private Limited: Job Openings in Canada 1


  • Utilize computer-aided design (CAD) software to formulate concepts and generate designs
  • Determine optimal materials for fabricating components
  • Resolve engineering challenges utilizing principles from mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, thermodynamic, or pneumatic domains
  • Construct prototypes of components and evaluate their performance, vulnerabilities, and safety aspects
  • Factor in evolving customer demands and government regulations on emissions during design and manufacturing process development
  • Create estimates for materials, costs, and timelines, while also generating reports and design specifications
  • Oversee and inspect the implementation and calibration of mechanical systems in industrial settings
  • Investigate mechanical malfunctions and unforeseen maintenance issues
  • Collaborate with suppliers and manage supply chain matters
  • Supervise projects encompassing budgeting, production schedules, resource allocation, staff management, and quality control
  • Examine and conduct test drives on vehicles to identify defects


  • A profound interest in automotive engineering and design
  • A resourceful approach to tackling problems
  • Proficiency in mathematical and IT aptitudes
  • Skillful analysis and interpretation of data
  • Comprehensive technical expertise
  • Effective communication and presentation capabilities
  • Proficiency in prioritization and strategic planning
  • Capability to function within financial limits and meet deadlines
  • Dedication to staying updated with emerging technologies
  • Competence in teamwork and assuming accountability

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Opening at Jaguar Land Rover in Toronto: Job Openings in Canada 2

Jaguar Land Rover is actively seeking an Automotive Engineer to infuse their passion and expertise into our workforce. As a premier luxury automotive brand globally, we require an individual of exceptional drive, ready to tackle the intricate task of developing and testing intricate automotive systems. The role necessitates an individual who is deeply motivated, possesses the skills to navigate this intricate field.

The ideal candidate will hold a degree in Mechanical or Automotive Engineering, fortified by a robust background in automotive engineering. Demonstrated experience in the development and testing of automotive systems is paramount. Proficiency in harnessing knowledge across motors, electronics, and software to surmount intricate challenges is expected. An adaptable demeanor for a fast-paced environment and adeptness in communication and organization are prerequisites.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and rigorously assess complex automotive systems through adept utilization of motors, electronics, and software expertise.
  • Thrive in a dynamic, high-speed milieu while upholding exceptional communication and organizational competencies.
  • Apply the depth of mechanical and automotive engineering knowledge to crack intricate dilemmas.
  • Contribute zeal and proficiency to the Jaguar Land Rover collective.
  • Employ a fervor for automobiles alongside a can-do outlook to steer the team toward excellence.

Jaguar Land Rover maintains an unwavering commitment to Equal Opportunity Employment. We celebrate diversity and are dedicated to fostering an all-encompassing atmosphere for all team members. Our selection process is devoid of discrimination based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, veteran status, disability status, or any other legally safeguarded characteristic.

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Vehicle Development Engineer at Bombardier Recreational Products: Job Openings in Canada 3

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop system components from initial design to production.
  • Formulate the vision that will steer system development for upcoming platforms.
  • Collaborate with design, production, purchasing, quality assurance, manufacturing engineering teams, and suppliers during various stages of product development.
  • Contribute to defining performance criteria, creating validation plans for each system, and overseeing plan execution.
  • Conduct studies, analysis, and calculations to guide designer technicians and project developers, considering general and specific technical parameters.


You Are a Perfect Fit for This Role If You:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.
  • Possess fluency in both English and French (both spoken and written).
  • Can apply principles of mechanics, tolerancing, and material strength.
  • Understand the operation and construction of mechanical systems in motor vehicles.
  • Can utilize predictive calculation tools.
  • Exhibit strong project management skills.
  • Display keen learning and adaptability traits.
  • Thrive as a collaborator and exceptional team player.
  • Can occasionally travel to multiple manufacturing sites.
  • Are already a fan of BRP recreational products.

Benefits at BRP

Foundational Benefits:

  • Annual bonus: A yearly recognition of your hard work and dedication.
  • Generous paid time off: Valuing relaxation as much as innovation.
  • Pension plan: Ensuring you enjoy your retirement.
  • Collective saving opportunities: Accessing our strong saving programs.
  • Leading healthcare: Fully paid healthcare program.

Welcome to BRP

BRP is a global leader in recreational vehicles and boats, revolutionizing movement on snow, water, asphalt, dirt, and even air. With headquarters in Valcourt, Quebec, our company thrives on ingenuity and customer focus. Operating in multiple countries with a workforce of around 20,000 individuals, we believe that work, like life, is about the journey, not just the destination.

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