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15 Chinese copycat cars that will shock you

Chinese copycat cars are hilarious and the strange thing is it is legal in China to copy Car designs! The Chinese automotive industry has come a long way in recent years. From humble beginnings, Chinese car manufacturers have now become some of the most innovative and competitive in the world.

However, there is one area where Chinese car makers have a bit of a reputation: copycatting. In the early days of the Chinese automotive industry, it was not uncommon to see cars that were virtually identical to popular Western models.

While this practice has largely died down in recent years, there are still a few Chinese copycat cars that are still on the market. Here are 15 of the most notable examples:

Maple 30X is a copycat car of Tata Nexon (India)

Chinese copycat cars
Maple 30X
Tata Nexon Chinese copycat
Tata Nexon

The Maple 30X features a similar front end design, with a single-piece grille and projector headlights. The side profile is also very similar, with the same two-tone paint scheme and sloping roofline. Even the interior of the Maple 30X is similar to the Nexon, with a similar dashboard layout and touchscreen infotainment system.

However, there are some key differences between the two cars. The Maple 30X is slightly larger than the Nexon, with a longer wheelbase and a wider track. It also has a more powerful electric motor, with a maximum output of 70 kW. The Maple 30X also has a longer range than the Nexon, with a claimed range of 306 kilometers on a single charge.

Jiangnan TT- Maruti 800 (India)

Chinese copycat cars
Jiangnan TT-China
Maruti 800- Chinese copycat cars
Maruti 800-India

Changan Lingxuan – Toyota Innova CrystaIndia

Chinese copycat cars
Changan Lingxuan
Innova Crysta - Chinese copycat cars
Innova Crysta

Suzhou Eagle Carrie – Ferrari FF

Chinese copycat cars
Suzhou Eagle Carrie
Ferrari FF

Diablo VT (Yes, They didn’t spare the name even) – Lamborghini Diablo

Chinese copycat cars
Diablo VT-Chinese
Lamborghini Diablo

Landwind X7 – Range Rover Evoque

Rangerover copy chinese
Landwind X7
Range Rover Evoque

Brilliance B5- BMW X1

Brilliance B5

CH Auto Litha- Audi R8

CH Auto Litha
Audi R8

Lifan 330 Ev- Mini Cooper

Lifan 330
Lifan 330
Mini Cooper

Baic Bj 80- Mercedes G Wagon

Chinese copycat cars
Baic BJ 80
G Wagon

Huansu C60- Lamborghini Urus

Chinese copycat cars
Huansu C60
Lamborghini Urus

BYD Yuan- Ford Ecosport

BYD Yuan
Ford Ecosport

Hunkt Canticie- Range Rover Sport

Hunkt Canticie
Range Rover Sport

KDC Regola and McLaren 720 S: The Supercar copycat

KDC Regola
KDC Regola
Mc Laren 720 S
Mc Laren 720 S

Changan CX70 T and Land Rover Discovery: Epic Chinese copycat car

copycat car
Changan CX70 T
Land Rover Discovery
Land Rover Discovery

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